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Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival


8th - 10th November 2019

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Even though Frances now lives in Listowel, Co. Kerry she is quick to point out that she is very much a Cork woman.The youngest of a family of eleven, songs and stories were always part of her home life. Neighbours called at night and her father would fill them up with all sorts of stories. Her mother, a great believer in ghosts would tell of strange lights seen and things going bump in the night, so it was easy for Frances to fall into singing and telling the odd story. But it was in Listowel that Frances first started singing in public and everyone in Kerry had a story to tell, so she just joined in.


It was in Listowel, of course, that Frances met John B. Keane, one of her idols and there were many great singing nights in his pub. John B encouraged Frances to tell a recitation or a yarn and before she knew it she was entertaining often.


Frances also had the privilege of meeting the wonderful, great, late, Eamon Kelly, who brought storytelling to an art form."  I grew up listening to his stories and was influenced greatly by him, yet there is only one Eamon Kelly, though lots of people imitate his style."  Frances also loves the Mick Quinn style of storytelling - "It is unique to him and that is what makes it so special", says Frances. Frances herself has a unique storytelling style and is possessed with a wicked sense of humour. Anyone who has heard Frances performing has not forgotten it, that's for sure.


Our audiences so enjoyed Frances's performance last year that we've invited her back for the full weekend this year.




Frances Kennedy

Frances Kennedy